Which Is The Best Artificial Christmas Tree, Bethlehem Lights Or Balsam Hill?

Which artificial Christmas tree is the best?

Best artificial Christmas trees 2020

  1. B&Q 6ft Smart Natural Looking Christmas Tree – best smart artificial Christmas tree.
  2. Hayes Garden World Yukon Snowy Pine Tree – best snowy artificial Christmas tree.
  3. The White Company pre-lit 1.5ft tree – best artificial Christmas tree in a pot.

Are Balsam Hill trees the best?

Buying Options. If you want one of the very best artificial trees available, we recommend the Balsam Hill 7.5-foot Vermont White Spruce Flip Tree Color + Clear LED.

Which Balsam Hill tree is the most realistic?

If you ask us, “What is the most realistic artificial Christmas tree?” The BH Fraser Fir is our most lifelike Christmas tree—therefore one of the best Balsam Hill trees—to date. We used actual Abies fraser branch clippings to create 40 different tip variations, the most that we’ve ever done for any of our trees.

Are Balsam Hill trees worth the money?

Overall, my choice would definitely be the Balsam Hill tree. Buying such a high quality, beautiful tree, with so many lovely features and useable accessories may be worth the extra cost. However, I really do love the Target tree too. In fact, I love it so much in my bedroom that I don’t want to take it down in January!

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How do I choose a fake Christmas tree?

How to Pick the Best Artificial Tree

  1. Consider your space. Measure the area you are planning on putting the tree in.
  2. Decide on Lights. Are you going to buy pre-lit or add string lights yourself?
  3. Pick a Pine Needle. Trees tend to come with a variety of needle options.
  4. Select Your Shape.
  5. Get Precise With Color.

Why are artificial Christmas trees so expensive?

As for fake trees, USA Today adds that they’re expected to be even more expensive next year due to recent importing tariffs due to go into effect December 15 — so basically, if you are on the market for a fake tree — like these ombré ones we are TOTALLY obsessed with — buy it asap!

Do Balsam Hill trees hold heavy ornaments?

It makes a beautiful holiday tree with its silvery-green, inch-long needles that are soft to the touch. The branches are firm and capable of holding heavy ornaments, while the spaces between the branches make it easy to decorate.

How long do Balsam Hill artificial trees last?

Offered in Clear, Multi, and Color + Clear™, our incandescent-lit trees use UL-Listed lights that last 3,300 hours or more.

What is the number one selling Christmas tree?

Each year more than 25 million real Christmas trees are sold in the United States. Every buyer seems to have their favorite, but overall the Fraser fir is the best-selling evergreen for the Christmas season.

Are Balsam Hill trees made in USA?

Design Detail. A common question that’s asked is where Balsam Hill trees are made. Each of our Balsam Hill Christmas trees is conceived by our internal team in California, designed by our designers, and prototyped in our R&D center in China before they are made by hand in China.

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Are Balsam Hill trees real?

Balsam Hill’s most realistic artificial Christmas trees are made using True Needle™ technology. We make casts of real branches to copy them down to the needle in this manufacturing technique.

Does Balsam Hill have real trees?

At Balsam Hill® we strive for excellence in all that we do. We hope you will enjoy these very special trees with ultra-realistic True Needle® branches and LED lights. Our goal is for you to enjoy a picture perfect, hassle-free Christmas.

Do Balsam Hill trees smell?

Tree Scents Balsam Hill offers four scents: Fireside Blend, Colorado Pine, Fraser Fir, and White River Spruce. The Colorado Pine scented sticks delight your senses with its minty sweet aroma, reminiscent of genuine Aspen trees. There’s also the Fraser Fir scent with its robust scent inspired by its real counterpart.

When should I buy a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree?

When should I buy a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree? Christmas in July is indeed the best time of the year to go shopping for your artificial Christmas tree and decorations. It’s that time to make the most out of our mid-year sale and catch amazing deals on best-selling products.

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