Quick Answer: Where To Find Turkey Hill Iced Tea Bethlehem?

What happened to Turkey Hill tea?

Turkey Hill Dairies, the Lancaster County manufacturer of premium ice creams and iced tea, is being sold by its parent company, Kroger to Peak Rock Capital, a Texas-based private equity firm. “It’ll remain business as usual. Same great products same team.

Why is Turkey Hill iced tea refrigerated?

Turkey Hill products are manufactured cold and must be kept cold to avoid breakdown and fermentation. Turkey Hill products do not contain the many preservatives required to produce a shelf-stable product out of refrigeration. Yes. You can freeze our teas with minimal effect on the flavor of the product.

Is Turkey Hill going out of business?

Seven months after putting its Turkey Hill business on the block, The Kroger Co. has landed a deal to sell it. Kroger said Tuesday that private equity firm Peak Rock Capital has agreed to buy the Turkey Hill grocery brand for an undisclosed amount.

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Where can I buy Turkey Hill blackberry tea?

Turkey Hill Diet Blackberry Sweet Tea, Half Gallon – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Is Turkey Hill real ice cream?

Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream is churned with all natural ingredients and a little extra cream for unforgettable richness.

Does Turkey Hill have a slogan?

Toward that end, Turkey Hill will continue to leverage its slogan, “Imported from Lancaster County,” which through skillful marketing and education has become an enduring image even for consumers who’ve never set foot in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

How much sugar is in a gallon of Turkey Hill iced tea?

8.5 tsp of sugars per serving!

Does Turkey Hill diet iced tea have aspartame?

Water, Tea, Citric Acid, Aspartame *, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavors, Potassium Sorbate & Sodium Benzoate (preserve Freshness).

How many calories are in a glass of Turkey Hill iced tea?

220 Calories per bottle. 18.5 fl oz (1.16 pint) 548 ml. Turkey Hill Iced Tea is made the cold-fashioned way. It’s bottled cold, shipped cold, and stored cold to preserve its all-natural flavor and just-made taste.

Are Kroger and Turkey Hill related?

An affiliate of middle-market private-equity firm Peak Rock Capital has completed the previously revealed acquisition of the Turkey Hill Dairy business, a manufacturer and distributor of ice cream and refrigerated drinks for the retail, foodservice and alternative channels, from the Kroger Co.

Is Turkey Hill ice cream sold in CA?

Some 450 Fred Meyers, Ralph’s, QFC and Food 4 Less stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Nevada soon will get the popular product, the company says. That means the dairy’s ice cream will be in 49 of 50 states — all but Hawaii.

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Who bought Turkey Hill from Kroger?

The Kroger Co. closed the sale of its Turkey Hill food brand to a Peak Rock Capital affiliate for $215 million. Financial terms of the deal, which was announced last month, previously weren’t disclosed.

Is there Diet Sweet Tea?

Product features. Great Value Diet Sweet Brewed Iced Tea is a thirst-quenching, lightly sweetened diet iced tea that delivers a crisp, refreshing flavor. Our diet iced tea is sugar free, brewed with a selective blend of tea leaves, so you can relish its bold flavor guilt free.

Does Lipton Diet iced tea have sugar?

Lipton Diet Raspberry Iced tea is the perfect low-calorie iced tea for any time of day. This powdered mix is sugar-free, made from real tea leaves, and has natural and artificial raspberry flavor for a delicious and flavorful taste.

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