Quick Answer: How Much Does A Food License Cost At Musikfest Bethlehem Pa?

Will there be Musikfest 2021?

August 6–15, 2021 • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. After a hybrid virtual 2020 Musikfest, Musikfest is back and in-person for 2021! The festival kicks off on the first Friday of August and continues for 10 consecutive days packed with music, food, and plenty of fun for all ages.

Is Musikfest Cancelled this year?

Musikfest will be live for 2021 after going virtual last summer due to COVID-19.

Who has played at Musikfest?

James and the Paper Planes, Pearl and the Beard, MiZ, Hillbilly Shakespeare, The Late Ancients, The Whiskeyhickon Boys, Bong Hits for Jesus, Tavern Tan, Kagero, Blue Jersey Band, Cinder Conk, Echo & Drake, John the Conqueror, Bumper Jacksons, Elijah and the Moon, Giani Paci, Shivering Timbers, Crushed Out, The Almighty

When did Musikfest start?

Founded in 1984 by ArtsQuest, a community-based nonprofit organization, the first Musikfest featured 295 performances on six stages, attracting more than 180,000 people to historic Bethlehem.

What are the dates for Musikfest?

The new area, called the Monster Energy Super Suite, will be a 50-by-100-foot area segmented off from the rest of the arena with crowd-control metal “bike fencing.” Entrance will be directly from the back — through the courtyard of food and drink vendors just outside Steel Stage.

Who will be at Musikfest 2021?

In addition, Musikfest is proud to offer more than 300 free performances. This year’s artists will include Igor and the Red Elvises, Jimmy and the Parrots, Philadelphia Funk Authority, The Sofa Kings, Seth Witcher, Sunny War, We Banjo 3 and many more.

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Where is Musikfest 2019?

Musikfest, presented by the nonprofit ArtsQuest, was started in 1984 to provide access to the arts and help with revitalization of Bethlehem’s Main Street area. Today, the ‘fest offers 500-plus music and art performances over 10 days each August, making it the largest free admission music festival in the U.S.

Is Musikfest in Bethlehem Cancelled?

Aug 5 – Aug 15, 2021

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