Often asked: What Types Of Work Are Excluded From Needing Building Permit In Bethlehem Township?

Do you need a building permit for a shed in PA?

Do I Need a Building Permit? For example; the PA UCC exempts fully-detached residential accessory buildings (garage or shed) less than 1000 square feet from needing a permit, but many jurisdictions have amended this provision to reduce the exemption to two-hundred (200) square feet.

What do you need a building permit for in PA?

A residential building permit is required for the following work on a residential building or structure: Renovate and repair an existing single-family or two-family dwelling. Construct a new structure including a new single-family or two-family dwelling or accessory structure.

Do I need a permit to finish my basement in PA?

While the State of Pennsylvania’s Building Code does not require a building permit (and thus no inspections) for the renovation or finishing of a basement unless there will be structural work, the home owner is still obligated to meet the requirements of the code for finishing basements.

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Do you need a permit for a patio in PA?

Patios, whether they built with flagstone, interlocking concrete pavers, or even poured concrete, often do require a permit. Retaining walls may as well. The process is often faster when completed by a contractor who is well versed in code requirements than if you try applying for the permit yourself.

How far should a shed be from house?

How far should a shed be placed from property lines? You typically can’t build a shed within 10 feet of the rear property line and 15 feet from a side property line. There should be sufficient room between your shed and your neighbor’s yard.

Is a shed considered a permanent structure?

By definition, a permanent structure is any outdoor structure that is fixed in place and unable to be moved about a property. Examples of permanent structures include homes, garages, barns, and sheds that are cemented to where it stands.

Do you need a permit to redo a bathroom in PA?

Most electrical or plumbing renovations need a permit, such as bathroom remodels. If you plan to do an interior remodel and only change the visual elements of your bathroom, a permit is not required.

How big of a shed can I put in my backyard?

Per the California Residential Code, detached accessory structures that do not exceed 120 sq. ft. and do not contain plumbing, electrical, and or mechanical equipment, do not require a building permit, however a Planning Permit is required for these structures.

Can a homeowner do their own electrical work in Pennsylvania?

As long as the electrical work you need to do is minor and doesn’t involve something like changing the main electrical panel, you can often legally do it yourself.

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How do you inspect a finished basement?

Here’s a quick rundown of what should happen during an inspection of a finished basement:

  1. Clean out your storm water sump pump and water-test it.
  2. Ensure your storm water sump pit is cleaned out.
  3. Flush out your fittings and discharge lines, then test them.
  4. Replace your high water alarm battery.

Can you live in a shed in PA?

A shed is considered an accessory building not a main dwelling. So if you want your shed to be a home it must meet PA UCC requirements correct? Otherwise the only other classification of the shed would be a “recreational cabin” and even then PA does not allow year round living in a recreational cabin.

How do I get an occupancy permit in PA?

To obtain a UCC certificate of occupancy for an R-3 day care facility, an applicant must submit:

  1. One (1) fully completed copy of the Department’s UCC-24 APPLICATION FOR IN-HOME DAY CARE PERMIT.
  2. A check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the applicable fee.

Do you need a permit to replace a roof in PA?

However, generally you will not need a permit for any finishing work such as painting, carpeting, and tiling, nor will you need a permit for ordinary repairs. Depending on where you are, you may not need to get a permit for fences, small swimming pools, hanging gutters, roof replacement, siding, and drywall repairs.

How long are building permits good for in Pennsylvania?

Once the permit is issued, different jurisdictions will have different time requirements, but it is a common rule-of-thumb that a building permit will expire if the work it covers does not begin within 6 months or is not completed within one year of the date it is issued.

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