Often asked: How Do You Change Fuses On Bethlehem Lights Christmas Tree?

Where is the fuse on a prelit tree?

The fuses are housed within the male end plug of the light string. Use your finger or a flat head screwdriver to slide open the compartment on the plug. Replace the fuse with a new one found in your parts replacement kit that was included with your pre-lit product.

Where are the fuses on Christmas tree lights?

Holiday lights usually have cartridge fuses in a small compartment in the cord plug behind a sliding door. Learning how to change a fuse in Christmas lights is simple, but if your strand of lights does not appear to have accessible fuses, move on to step 4. Open the sliding compartment door and remove the fuse(s).

How do you find the bad bulb on a prelit Christmas tree?

Most likely a bulb is loose, and the connection is getting lost as the bulb moves in its socket. This often occurs through rough handling or improper storage of a tree. Look to find the loose bulb, check the wires to ensure they are properly aligned, and secure the bulb tightly within the socket.

How do you find the bad bulb on Christmas lights without a tester?

Pull out one bulb at a time, and stick a piece of folded up foil into the bulb socket. If the lights come on, you know that’s the bad bulb. If they don’t, put the bulb back in and move on to the next one. If you don’t have any replacement bulbs, you can leave the foil in until you do.

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How do you troubleshoot Christmas tree lights?

Checking Faulty Christmas Tree Lights

  1. Plug the lights into an electrical outlet.
  2. Turn the light switch and the circuit breaker on.
  3. Check the fuse or fuses from the plug at the end of the light strand (usually the glass-cylinder type with a wire filament).
  4. If the fuse isn’t the problem, there’s a problem with a bulb.

Why are there two fuses in Christmas lights?

Typically, these strings of lights have two tiny fuses, one in each side of the AC line, located inside the AC plug. The fuses are intended to melt or “blow” before the copper wires in the string could melt or cause a fire from overload.

Why is half of my string of Christmas lights out?

A light bulb has come out of its socket or is half out of its socket and it has brought down the circuit. If a bulb is missing in a circuit only the bulbs in series of it will go out. That’s how you can lose 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4 of the string.

Are all Christmas light fuses the same?

Most string lights have two tiny fuses inside the plug. Typically, a box of lights is also packaged with a replacement fuse or two. To replace a fuse, take a small set of pliers or flathead screwdriver and slide open the cover. Then gently pop out the fuse and replace it with new ones.

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