FAQ: Who Won The Bethlehem Liberty?

How old is Liberty High School Bethlehem?

Liberty High School opened in 1922 as “Bethlehem High School,” replacing The South Bethlehem High School that had served all of the city’s 9th-12th grade students.

Is Liberty High school from 13 reasons why real?

Liberty High is a fictional school, but is filmed at a real life high school in northern California, where the rest of the series is also shot.

What high school is in 13 Reasons Why?

Liberty High School Most of 13 Reasons Why’s action takes place in the High School. In season one it’s where Hannah is bullied, it’s also where quite a few conversations take place to move the plot along. A real school is used for filming – the Analy High School in Sebastopol, California.

What county is liberty New York?

Hillcrest High School is a private school and the rival school of Liberty High School. It is implied to be a very competitive school. It was mentioned in “Bye” and it was shown in the third season.

What are Liberty’s school colors?

it’s one of the foremost small, private universities in the United States with an award-winning literature department that is headed by Matt Jensen. Sanderson University is known for its state-of-the-art facilities.

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Who shot up Liberty High 13 Reasons Why?

Throughout the entire episode, Tony believed that it was Tyler who was the school shooter. After finding photos of guns in his notebook and remembering how he once brought a gun to the school dance at the end of season 2, he believed that they weren’t able to help him enough and brought the evidence to a teacher.

What state was thirteen reasons why filmed?

While some key scenes were completed with soundstages, 13 Reasons Why filmed around Northern California. Vallejo, California, was the key location for filming scenes at Monet’s coffee shop, The Crestmont Movie Theatre, Baker’s Drug Store, and the mall.

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