FAQ: How Long Did It Take To Build Martin Towers In Bethlehem Pa?

When was Martin tower built?

Martin Tower, which was on the National Register of Historic Places, opened in 1972 when the company was the second largest steelmaker in the world. It was named after Bethlehem Steel Chairman Edmund F. Martin, under whose leadership construction began in 1969.

What happened to the Martin Tower?

Martin Tower, once the Lehigh Valley’s tallest building, opened in 1972 as the world headquarters of Bethlehem Steel. The company declared bankruptcy in 2001, and its assets were sold two years later. Martin Tower was vacant since 2007 as redevelopment plans emerged for the 53-acre site.

Why did they destroy the Martin Tower?

It was razed to make way for 528 upscale garden-style apartments, a hotel, a gas station, a convenience store, two retail buildings, a restaurant and three medical office buildings.

Who was the Martin Tower named after?

and Haines Lundberg Waehler Architects. The Martin Tower was built at 1170 Eighth Avenue in Bethlehem, PA on a 53-acre property. It was named after its chairman, Edmund F. Martin who retired 3 years before the tower’s completion.

Where was Bethlehem Steel headquarters?

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